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About Millennium Baby Care

Millennium Baby Care was established in November 2015, as a nation-wide manufacturer of pant-style baby diapers. Since the market for baby diapers pant style in India is increasing by close to 20% annually the founders,Mr. Ramprakash Beria & Mr. Dipendra Bhimsaria saw this as a prolific investment. Being one of the first pant-style baby diaper manufacturers in India, the company has imported latest technology to set up its plant in Pithampur Industrial Area near Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

The forte of Millennium Baby Care is baby pull-up pant style diaper which is the latest design in the diaper industry.The main reason for the popularity of these pant-style diapers are its design, comfort and security.

The Founders have been associated with the technical textile industry for over 30years. Their rich experience in this industry does not only give them a keen insight in the development of pull-up pant diapers, but also assists Millennium Baby Care in the finance and management aspects. Also their global presence guides the Company to attain its international goals. Their ideas and innovative approach and experience will steer the Company to build competitive strategies.

The team and their understanding of advanced manufacturing techniques, innovative designs and future prospects in the field will guide the company in the right direction.

Company Purpose
Millennium Baby Care aims to reach out to urban as well as rural markets and introduce parents to the convenience of pant-style baby diapers at affordable prices.

Company Vision
By using advanced technology, we aim to become the leading manufacturer of good-quality pant-style baby diapers in the country. We would also like to present the luxury of diapers to all strata of society.

Company Mission
Commit to produce high-quality baby diapers pant style in a hygienic environment and nurture a team of employees who are sincerely dedicated.

Company Policies
Millennium Baby Care follows strict quality control norms and currently abides by GMP and also certified as ISO 9001:2015 and CE too.

Core Values
• We believe in advancing with the world of hygiene.
• We take pride in producing high-quality products at lesser costs.
• We aim to innovate in the field and follow practices that are fruitful to all stakeholders.

 Millennium Baby Care will launch its own brand of pant-style baby diapers and sanitary napkins as well as undertake contract manufacturing deals. Since the company has the capacity to produce a large  quantity of pull-up pants, it will optimize the use of its resources to create a strong brand name and grow financially.